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Bar Code Registration in India

Bar Code Registration in  India

Is  your  eyes seeking  for  Bar Code Registration in India , Then here filing bazaar is there to support you with good legal service .Bar code is a machine-readable image which quickly and accurately identifies a product. It is a unique global identification system which is used in the supply chain for articles like the product, logistic goods, entities of trade, location, documents etc. It is widely used in retail supply chain management.  It is a way to encode information in a visual pattern that a machine can read. The combination of black and white bars (elements) represents different text characters which follows a set algorithm for that bar code type.

Every product variant / type / S K U that has to be identified uniquely by a manufacturer/retailer requires a unique product bar code.

Methods to obtain bar code license In India- 
Bar code license can be achieve easily in India by submitting the following documents along with requisite fee to GS1 India for allocation of GS1 Company Prefix to be used for bar-coding of products. The following documents must be submitted.

1. GS1 India registration form duly filled and signed along with the “product classification sheet” duly encircling / highlighting the product categories being manufactured / supplied.
2. Request letter / forwarding letter on letterhead for allocation of GS1 company prefix number.
Copy of balance sheet (relevant page in support of sales turnover) .
3. PAN card copy of Proprietor – in case of Proprietorship firm or PAN card copy of the applicant company in other cases.
4. Proof of status of Applicant Company (for Proprietorship firm – GST Registration Certificate; for Partnership firm – GST Registration Certificate / Partnership deed; for Private Limited Company / Limited Company – Certificate of Incorporation).


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