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Change Registered Office Address

Change Registered Office Address
Change registered office means to change the address of the company at the time of registration, that is if any one wants to change the address of the company , he can change. The registered office change  is  when we registered our company or LLP we also registered are working place address. The registered office of a company is the principle place of business for a limited company and all the official documents send to the registered address for the correspondence from the ministry of Corporate affairs. If the company wants to change the address ,they can change within the local limit of any city ,town  and village ,where such office is situated by giving a notice ,company can change their location within the 30 days after the date of change. Now the most important if company wants to change registered address from one city to other in the same state  .or from the one state to another state ,the company has to be passed  special resolution using various media and getting conformation  form the Company law Board for the change. For the change of address company has to give advertisement in the newspaper or various other resources.

Certain limit for changing the registered office
Change Address Within the limit of village /town
Can apply for the  registered office change outside the local limits but within the state under the same jurisdiction.
One state Jurisdiction to another state Jurisdiction.
If registered office change with in local limits indicate before 30days but if its will be do in outside of local limits then company has to do special resolution.
The company couldn’t fill  application until they completed one month or fill the application in presence of regional directors for the change of registered office. Owner has to follow some points:  

publish article at least any local Newspaper .
serve notice to all the depositor, debenture holder.
Convince all the board of member, if they agree then further proceed application.
Changes has to be done in MOA, for that all the authorized members are agreed.
File eForm INC-23 to seek approval from the Central Government with the following attachments

Formalities For the Registered Office Change
Change in Registered office Application Preparation
Change in Registered office application Filing
Registration Fees for ROC

Procedure For Changing Registered Office

Fill the Application Form 
For changing the registered office ,the company or LLP has to fill the application form with required details.
Submission of documents
In submission of documents the authority have to submit the required and mandatory documents for the change of registered documents. This step take time at least 10 to 12 working days.
File Documents
We submit or  file your documents  with Ministry of Corporate Affairs to register the change of address. It will take time of 1-2 working days.
After submission of all documents the documents has  to send the ministry of corporate affairs  via courier. It will take 1-2 days.
Compilation Of Work
Once your procedure is completed of office changed the concern department send all the documents to you and DSCs.

Is the compulsory to Notice all the debenture holders??
All books of accounts are clear and all the holders in company should be agree for the registered office change .

Is this mandatory that Registered office  is the residence of Director??
Yes it is mandatory that the registered office of a firm can be the residence of the company Directors or the Authority.

Is the possible that our company office  is in  the same state??
No, the Registered Office of a Company or LLP must be in the State where the company was incorporated in India.

Process of Registered office change??how many steps required??
Process for changing the address takes some step to complete the procedure like application filling, documents submission etc. changes done in two typed: 
Changes the address that is change of company address by updating of data in same village and locality.
Changes of registration with same jurisdiction in the same locality.

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