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Trademark Renewal

What is Trademark Renewal?
India is  growing in the field of digital marketing.  Revolution in the field of digital marketing.so trademark registration is all about for marketing or promotion of services & good. A trademark is any unique expression related to a goods  or service that distinguishes it from others.this is based on any slogan, words, expression and logo with any kind of color combination .A registered trademark has 10 years of validity. After that it needs renewal. You do not need to worry if you forget to renew it, you will get the official notice of the renewal of the TM from the registrar office. Usually, companies, firms forget to renew their trademark. So, the Registrar informs them regarding the same 6 months before expiration. If there is no action taken by from your side for the renewal then your Trademark can be abandoned from the TM Journal. It is a very long process and takes at least 6-12 months after expiration. So before that, you can renew it by just paying the amount of fine to the department.

The trademark renewal can done be in two ways:
1. You can apply renewal to do any  change in the already existing trade mark like change colors,slogan.
2. You can apply renewal without a change.

There are charges for TM renewal .
Rs 4000 with formTM-12

Everyone should be careful regarding the dates of renew  and keep a regular check to avoid any delay in filing the trademark renewal. The three important steps are as follows:

Form fill at the time: to renew the TM the applicant has to fill the form with out doing any mistake.
Pay the Required Fees: As the renew form fill process is complete. You need to submit the renewal fee as per  the required class i.e ; 5000 per class.
Keep TM Tracking: Once you complete all the procedure, make sure you do the proper tracking to ensure the correct filing of Trademark Renewal.

Advantages of Trademark Renewal

Legal Protection
Business Opportunity
Unique Identity
Trust or Goodwill

Trademark Renewal Process

What Is Included In Our Package?
Application Preparation
Application Filing
Same day Filing
Government Fees

Fill Our simple form
You are required to fill your details in our simple questionnaire and submit documents.

Application Submission
We will create all the required applications and file them with Registrar.its take time of 2 working day
Once , the application is filed , acknowledgement slip of same shall be sent.

Frequently asked questions

1. Advantages of  trademark renewal?
Yes their is lots of benefit trademark registration, because trademark registration is all about protection ofyour  business identity or distinguish your business. if you renew your registration before the expiry, you can take all the advantages. 

2. Any documents required for trademark renewal?
For applying for trademark renewal you have to need few documents for completing the procedure .copy of registration certificates, ID & Address Proof of the applicant, copy of trademark .

3. Is this possible that we can fill the trademark renewal after the expiry??
Yes, it is possible to do the trademark renewal anytime within 6 months of expiration of the expiry of the previous Trademark Registration by filing  the form TM-12 with the prescribed late renewal fee.
If the applicant can delay more than 6 months ,its charged extra fees and documents too. and if its not complete with in 12 months of the expiration of TM .then its removed from the trademark register.

4. What is difference between a trademark registration and a Trademark renewal?
The trademark registration is the registration process of  trademark .it takes different documents and it’s a new registration of TM. The trademark renewal is renewal of trademark of after expiration of TM with in 6 to 

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