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TAN Registration


In India,a Tax Deduction and collection Account Number(TAN)ia basically 10 digit alpha-numeric number issued to those user’s who are required to deduct and collect tax on payments made by them under Indian Income Tax Act,1961

It is required for those person who are responsible for Tax Deduction at source (TDS)/Tax Collection at source(TCS)on behalf of the government is applied through “Form No.49B”. TAN is required to be quoted in all TDS/TCS returns,all TDS/TCS payment Callahan and all TDS/TCS certificates to be issued.

When central government receives the TAN application along with documents,the details are verified and then sent to the Income Tax Department.Once approved,the Department allocates a unique number,and notified the applicant through Central government

Documents required for TAN Registration(Incase of Sole proprietorship):

  1. Address proof(Like-Driving Licences/Voter-ID/Aadhar Card)
  2. PAN card

Documents required for TAN Registration(Incase of Partnership):

  1. Partnership deed
  2. Address proof(Like-Driving Licences/Voter-ID/Aadhar Card)

Documents required for TAN registration(Incase of Company):

  1. Certificate of incorporation of the company
  2. MoA of company
  3. Address proof of each Director(Like-Driving Licences/Voter-ID/Aadhar Card)

Individuals who are salaried are not required to obtain TAN number.

A proprietorship/other entities (Like-Private Ltd Company,LLP)are required to deduct tax at source while making certain payments like Salary,Payments to contractor or sub-contractors,payment of rent etc..

TAN structure is as follows:BIHA88888A:First four characters are letters,next five are
numerals,last letter is letter.The first three characters represent the city or state where the TAN was issued.

Yes,failures to apply for TAN or not quoting the same in the specified documents attracts
a penalty of Rs.10,000/-.

YES,every one liable to deduct tax at source/collect tax at sources is required to obtain TAN.

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