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Patent Registration

Patent Registration

Patient registration is a process to register your invention ,creativity for  a time period. patent registration helps to patent your idea and thoughts  that\’s carried out by individuals or firm should be patient . this initiated by Indian Government to grant you the right to register your invention under patient so that no one copy that invention or clam on that invention or creativity. In India, Patent is being governed by the Patent Act 1970 & Patent Rules 1972.By patenting an invention ,patentee is able to sale that , importing that product ,using that or making renewal of that for life long. If you file for patient registration its applicable for the coming 20years.Important point is that you can patient your invention for a period not life long. you  can patient anything ,related to any  fields like science ,arts ,culture ,tradition, literature etc. there is different firm who to patient registration process. Or we can say there is different agent they complete your patient registration procedure as soon as possible and easily. And they provide services all over India.

Advantages of Patent
Patent protects invention: It an intellectual property which protects your invention and prevents other to use it without your prior permission.
Sell or transfer patent right: Registration of patent helps you or give right to sell, transfer ,import or franchise your invention. this will help your to increase profit or generate more revenue.
Patent valid for 20 years: Your invention gets protection for a particular period, that is for 20 years.so you can easily protect your invention.
Get royalty by licensing your patent: you can royalty regarding your invention.by utilizing that invention 
You can then utilize your invention yourself.
Legal Protection: As you are owner so you have all the legal right to use against your patent ,so no one can damages or copy your invention.
Global Patent Protection: through patent registration you can use ur patent all over the world.
Competitive Edge: Patent registration will provide a unique competitive edge for the business. Competitors will not be allowed to use the patented invention for similar goods or services.

Procedure for Patent Registration

Patent Registration is a procedure to file an application or to register your invention to prevent to copy under Patent Act. Its provides monopoly to your  invention, so that no one can calm to that for copy .
Patent Search: patent search means if u have an idea so you have to search that is this invention is patent or not?? This facility provided by firms to perform search for patient. it is the serious matte that if person is file for an application for patent registration , so he/she has to search that for avoid dispute in future.You can stop if the patent is already registered.
Patent domicile:domicile means for a country that is if patent is register in India. So that it is valid for India. It helps you to protect your patent in India not in other countries. If u want to protect your patent globally .so you need to patent your invention globally.
File patent Registration: you have to complete the registration process before disclosing your invention, as the documentation of registration complete ,you can disclose your invention
Patent Review: The patent officers of the Indian Government will  reviews your patent after checking all aspect of your invention. If they find that your invention is existing they discard the registration .else if your invention is unique they grant your patent.
Patent Grant :Once the patent is granted, the application status is updated online at the Patent site.  In completion of this process ,It can take from 6 months to even 1.5 year for a patent certificate to be granted.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. what is the things that we patented?
It can be any invention related to work, manufacturing, Art work, process, computer software or any other which was never introduced to the public before.
2. Patent Accessibility??
Patent accessibility means that your patent is valid for a particular company where you do registration or it may be valid globally.
3. Do I need  any firm or professionals help to draft an application for a patent on my behalf?
No its not mandatory ,that you have to patent your invention by the help of professionals.but it is advisableto take help of agents because it is a complex  procedure.
4. Is it possible to keep my invention secret after getting a patent for it?
No, the patents are granted on the condition that the details will be disclosed to the general public. Hence it is not possible to keep it a secret.
5. Is it possible to patent my app or software?
This depends on the element of the app which you wish to protect. If it\’s the technical idea that you seek protection for then getting it patented is a good option. The technical idea should be to meet the patentability criteria laid down in the Act.
If you wish to protect just the logo and designs used then trademark would be more feasible. Literary and artistic works included within your app can be protected by copyright..
6.  Is a patent search essential?
Yes Patent search is very important because  it help to save your time to for completing your procedure .every year, the department receives many applications for patent registration. But not all applications get approved due to some copied reasons. 
7. If I could search through patent search about the registration, then why should I go to any consultant for the same?
Yes, you could search easily at portal. But it requires the expert consultation to search for a patent. They can help you with the filing with more accuracy. So it is always advised to consult experts while patent search or registration in India.

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