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Trust Registration


A Non Government Organization is registered as trust,governed by Indian trust Act of 1882.It takes a hardly
15-20 days for the registration of Trust from the date of filing of the applictaion.Minimum 3 members are required
for the formation of Trust.One of the main advantages of forming a trust is that it has a simple process of
registration with simple regulations.

The objects are social benefits and charitable .Filing Bazaar helps you set up a trust in the most feasible and
effective way.Our team help take approval on all mandatory legal obligations and carry out all necessary paper
work feasibly.

Documents required for Trust Registration:

  1. Request letter to register a society.
  2. Two copy of MoA including List of Proposed governing body and list of founder members of society:All pages to signed by all members.
  3. Two sets of Rules & Regulations framed for the functioning of the society.
  4. Affidavits (on Rs.10/- stamp paper from President/Secretary Society regarding the name/title of the society.)
  5. Copy of Residence proof of all members.
  6. Proof of ownership of the registered office of the society & no objection certificate.(on ten rupees stamp paper.)
  7. Copy of proof of identification of all society.

Features of Trust Registration:

Biggest features of Trust Registration is that,those who want to involve family members as well in Trust can apply for Trust Registration.

  • To enhance cultural,academic and social condition of the people,work for democracy,good governance,peace,justice and cooperation.
  • Encourage the people to develop a much better society.
  • Work for rehabilitation of beggars in India.
  • To do programs which help in education.

No,Indian Trust Act,1882 is not applicable every where in India.Andaman and Nicobar island, State of Jammu and Kashmir is not applicable.

Trust Deed is basically formal document which defines the outlines the terms of a trust agreement.It tell about the procedure to be followed for the the management of the trust along with procedure of appointments or removing the members.

According to Society Registration Act,1860 similar & exiting registered society is not permitted.Selecting the name of the proposed society and getting it approved by Registrar of the concerned district the first step.

The Main purpose to make Trust Registration is to enhance cultural,academic and social condition of the people,work for democracy,good governance,peace,justice and cooperation.

For certified copy of MoA & Rules and Regulation society a fees of Rs.1/- per page will be changed.Application must be contained the Name,Reg No etc.The Registrar of society must satisfied the document.

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