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Section 8 Company Registration

Section 8 Company

In India, Non-Profit organisation(NGO) are registered by three ways-

  1. Trust Registration
  2. Society Registration
  3. Section 8 Company(also called section 25 Company)

The main objective of Section Company for promotion of commerce,art,Science,education,research,social welfare, religion,charity,promotion of environment or any such other objects. Section 8 Company regulated by the Indian Companies Act,2013 and its rules and regulation are made by Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Filing Bazaar,providing all legal and professional support to our client regarding Section 8 Company.

Inclusive In Our Service

  • Two DIN
  • Two DSC (Class-2)
  • Name Search & Approval
  • ROC Registration Fees
  • PAN & TAN
  • Drafting of MOA & AOA
  • Company Identification Number (CIN)
  • MSME Certificate (Optional)

Documents Required For Section 8 Company (All Soft Copy)

  1. One Passport size photograph of All Directors.
  2. Self-Attested PAN card copy of All the Directors.
  3. Self- Attested Proof of Identity (Like-Voter ID, Passport, Driving License, Aadhar Card) any one of All the Directors.
  4. Business address proof (Any One of Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Property, Gas Bill, Tax Bill).
  5. If Rented Business (Rent Agreement Copy) or if own (sell deed)
  6. Company Name (1 to 6 Names)
  7. Company Service or object or product Name

Procedure for Incorporation of Section 8 Company

After the payment received from you, we will do the following procedure…

  • Apply for DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) for all directors.(1- Day)
  • Apply for Director Identification Number (DIN). (1- Day)
  • Apply for the Company Name ( 1- Day)
  • Document preparation (DIR-2, INC-9, MOA, AOA, and NOC) by us for the Incorporation and send you for Sign. ( 1- Day)
  • Received Document from you and Filing of e-forms with ROC (Registrar of Companies) and Payment of ROC Fees & Stamp Duty. ( 1- Day)
  • Verification of documents / forms by ROC and Issue of Certificate of Incorporation by ROC (4- day)
  • Sending you company Certificate Kit

Advantage Section 8 Company

  • A Section 8 Company can be formed by two members only, by Company Act 2013.
  • It is the registered as separate legal entity, means having its own rights and obligations.
  • Section 8 Company is limited liability,means members/partners are not affected,
    members are only liable for unpaid shares.
  • Biggest advantages of Section 8 Company is NO minimum share capital requirement.
  • As name suggest,Section 8 Company is a NGO, so life of company doesn’t depends upon the life of its members.There will be no effect on firm’s continuance.

Filingbazaar.com can register a Section 8 Company in 15-20 days.

Minimum 2 directors are required for registration .

Any member/firms can become the member of Section 8 company,included Foreigner/NRI’s.

The minimum capitals are required is 1 LAKHS.

In case of Section 8 Company, minimum 2 members and maximum 200 members.

YES, Digital signature certificate (DSC) is required for filling the e-forms
of company incorporation.

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