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Board Resolution to Open Bank Account

Board resolution for opening bank account is a resolution passed in a Board Meeting authorizing certain persons in a company to open and operate the Bank account of a Company or LLP. As a Company is a separate legal entity, the board resolution for opening current account in bank is mandatory requirement in addition to the other documents. Board resolution for opening of bank account is one of the first resolutions executed after incorporation of company or LLP.

Using this Board Resolution

The board resolution for opening bank current account can be provided by the professional CA’s and lawyers of  team Filing Bazaar for opening the bank current account of a Private Limited Company, LimitedLiability PartnershipSection 8 Company or OnePerson Company or Foreign Companies. Once, the board resolution for opening bank account is created, it can be printed on the letterhead of the business, signed by the Directors and provided to the Bank in which account is to be opened.

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