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Hardware Business License In India

How To Start a Hardware Business in India

The hardware store business is an ideal start-up business because it is extremely profitable. To generate revenue quickly, you must know what you are getting into. Here filing bazaar offers tips on how to open a hardware store business. Hardware store deals with items ranging from the smallest screws to lengthy pipes, small mechanical gadgets & machines. Some hardware stores may also stock and sell building materials like cement, steel etc. So it’s obvious that a hardware store requires spacious premises in a busy locality. This is not only for storage purposes, but will also help you with logistics as well. Hardware stores provide consumers with tools and construction materials needed to build, maintain, and improve their homes and properties.

Here, expert business lawyers of filing bazaar guide you through the steps that you ought to pursue in order to start one.

Setting up the space

Relocate in  location

Source the funds for your business 

Stepping-up to the competition 

Get your stocks from a wholesaler 

Register the business    

Legal Requirements for business 

One Passport size photograph of applicant

PAN card of applicant

Company Name of applicant

Company Service or  product Name of applicant

If Rented Business Property Provide Rent Agreement Copy of applicant

Proof of Identity (Like-Voter ID, Passport, Driving License, Aadhar Card) of             applicant

Business address proof (Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Property, Gas Bill, Tax         Bill) of  applicant .

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