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How To Maintain Company Accounts

How To Maintain Company Accounts

Books with invoices, including vouchers and receipts, must be maintained under different statutory laws – Income Tax Act, Companies Act 2013 and GST Act. Books accounts that maintain retention and claim lists are different according to all 3 laws.

1. Legal
2. Medical
3. Engineering
4. Architectural
5. Accountancy
6. Technical Consultancy
7. Interior Decoration
8. Authorized Representative (one who charges fees for representing someone before tribunal or any authority)
9. Film artist (Producer, Editor, Actor, Director, Music director, Art Director, Dance Director, Cameraman, Singer, Lyricist, Story Writer, Screenplay or Dialogue Writer and Costume Designers.
10. Company secretary

a. Cash Book
b. Journal
c. Ledgers
d. Copies of bills or receipts

Every company needs to keep a book, office or office that the board member can decide. If the company holds books in an office other than a registered office, it must match the ROC. The company can also keep the accounts electronically.

a. Statement of Cash Flows
b. List of sales and purchases,
c. List of assets and liabilities
d. Costs
e. Works, attachments, writing, documents, minutes and records whether in physical or electronic form.

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