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How To Start a Flower Farming Business

How To Start a Flower Farming Business

If you enjoy flower gardening, and want to turn your gardening hobby into extra income, think about growing for market. Flowers are among the most profitable plants, producing one of the highest returns of any specialty crop. 

You can get started with very little – just enough for seeds and supplies, and most new flower growers make money in the first year.

Here Filing Bazaar guide to starting your own  boutique; we’ll cover everything from business plan resources to using brand ambassadors to help you build a social media following.

Step 1: Planning your boutique

Step 2: Decide on the platform for your boutique

Step 3: Pick a name you love—and can live with

Step 4: Create a cohesive aesthetic style

Step 5: Register boutique’s unique brand

Step 6: Obtain Business License

Step 7: Obtain Micro,Small and  Medium Enterprises

Step 8: Determine how you plan to ship your products

Step 9: Use social media

Step 10: Use brand ambassadors to your advantage

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