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Income Tax Return (ITR) Benefits

Income tax is the revenue to the government or expenditure to the individual.  It   is   the   contribution to  the  GDP  of  India . Tax on all sources of income earned by an individual.

The  Sources Of Income :-
  1. Income   from   job .
  2. Income   from   land and house .
  3. Income   from   professionals .
  4. Income   from   capital .
Benefits  of Filing ITR :-
  • It   safe-guards an individuals from the penalty of tax laws .
  • It helps to manage financial affairs in well manner .
  • ITR   is   the  best  evidence to  show against the ability of person to repay the loan while applying for any kind of loans .
  • It   helps  in immigration services like for visa processing , if you  feel  to go abroad .
  • It   makes us a responsible citizen in India .
  • The ITR receipts can be used as a residential proof or address proofs .
  • It   helps  in  achieving credit card faster .
  • It  makes  life easier  for independent professionals .
  • It  helps to compensate losses in the next financial year .
  • Super tax benefits for citizens that is tax free those   senior citizens  upto 3lakhs and for upto 5lakhs for  super senior citizens 

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