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Trademark Class 26:Lace & Embroidery

                                   Trade Mark Class 26

                                 Category Name :- Lace & Embroidery

The different classes  of  trade mark are mention below with the name of category and the products . The  following  includes  mainly in Trademark Class 26  must be applied to  lace and embroidery, ribbons and braid; buttons, hooks and eyes, pins and needles; artificial flowers ,Slide fasteners dressmakers’ articles.

There are some goods that are not given under the class 26
Certain special types of hooks;
Certain special types of needles;
Yarns and threads for textile use.
List of goods classified under Trademark Class 26

appliqués [haberdashery]
artificial flowers
artificial fruit
artificial garlands
artificial plants
badges for wear, not of precious metal
beads, other than for making jewelry / beads, other than for making jewellery
belt clasps
binding needles
birds’ feathers [clothing accessories]
blouse fasteners / dress body fasteners
bobbins for retaining embroidery floss or wool [not parts of machines]
bows for the hair
boxes for needles
brassards / arm bands [clothing accessories]
brooches [clothing accessories]
buckles [clothing accessories]
chenille [passementerie]
collar supports
competitors’ numbers
cords for clothing
cords for rimming, for clothing
corset busks / whalebones for corsets
darning needles
darning lasts
decorative articles for the hair
edgings for clothing
elastic ribbons
embroidering crochet hooks
embroidery / fancy goods [embroidery]
expanding bands for holding sleeves
eyelets for clothing
false beards
false hair
false hems
false moustaches
fastenings for clothing
fastenings for suspenders / fastenings for braces
feathers [clothing accessories]
festoons [embroidery]
frills [lacework]
frills for clothing
gold embroidery
haberdashery*, except thread
hair bands
hair grips / bobby pins
hair curling pins
hair barrettes / hair slides
hair pins
hair nets
hair colouring caps / hair coloring caps
hair curling papers
hair extensions
hair curlers, other than hand implements
hat ornaments, not of precious metal
heat adhesive patches for repairing textile articles
heat adhesive patches for decoration of textile articles [haberdashery]
hook and pile fastening tapes
hooks [haberdashery]
hooks for corsets
human hair
knitting needles
lace for edgings
lace trimmings / passementerie
letters for marking linen
mica spangles
monogram tabs for marking linen / numerals or letters for marking linen
needle cushions
needle cases
needles for wool combing machines
numerals for marking linen
ornamental novelty badges [buttons]
ostrich feathers [clothing accessories]
picot [lace]
pin cushions
pins, other than jewellery [jewelry (Am.)]
plaited hair / tresses of hair
prize ribbons
reins for guiding children
ribbons [haberdashery]
rosettes [haberdashery]
rug hooks
saddlers’ needles
sewing needles
sewing boxes
sewing thimbles
shoe fasteners
shoe hooks
shoe laces
shoe ornaments, not of precious metal
shoe eyelets
shoe buckles
shoemakers’ needles
shoulder pads for clothing
shuttles for making fishing nets
silver embroidery
skirt flounces
snap fasteners
spangles for clothing
tapes for curtain headings
tassels [haberdashery]
tinsels [trimmings for clothing] / orsedew [trimmings for clothing]
top-knots [pompoms]
trimmings for clothing
trouser clips for cyclists
woollen laces
wreaths of artificial flowers
zip fasteners / slide fasteners [zippers] / zippers
zippers for bags / zip fasteners for bags

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