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ISO means International Organization of Standardization. It is an independent body that determines the best quality of business standards for companies to follow. If your company is up to the specified standards, you can apply for ISO certification in India. It is a good way to showing that you meet the high quality goods which the customer needs.

It is necessary to know that ISO registration is not mandatory. It is not a license that allows you to do business. However, it is in fact a tool that shows that your company is:



Has high quality of operations

Has better people working in the premises

Providing high quality of services

When you combine all of the things that you can imagine ISO certification might not be mandatory, but it is recommended.

There are many benefits of ISO certification some of them are as follows:

Your company shall be more trusted: ISO certification exhibits that your services are of the highest quality. AS a result, more customers are going to be attracted towards your services.

Your company’s operation quality increases: As you follow the ISO 9001 Standard, the quality of your company’s operation increases by many folds. More capable workforce: With ISO registration, your company can be advertised in a positive light more employees are going to gravitate towards working for your company.

 There   are different types of ISO Certification such as follows:-

1.   ISO 9001:2015 Certification

If you want a proper quality management for your company, then you need the ISO-9001 certification. This is a certification that assists with the quality management of the company in the following ways:

1. Quality management of the operations.

2. Quality management of the products.

3. Quality management for the company services.

If you have this certification, not only you will be able to management quality of your business, you will also be able to advertise to the consumer about it. As a result of that, you will develop trust among the consumers.

2.   ISO 14001:2015 Certification

The ISO 14001 is meant to map out the framework for your organization so that you can setup and effective environmental management system. With a system like this, you will be able to make sure that your company’s environmental system is ready and in turn, most customers will be satisfied by your performance. An environmental management system entails:

1. Organizational structure.

2. Planning and resources for development.

3. Maintaining policy for environmental protection

With this certification, you are going to get the guide to make so that your environmental management system is the best one.

3.   OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management

OHSAS refers to Occupational health and Safety Management Standard. This standard provides the companies with the framework to follow along in order to make sure that the health and the safety of the employees of the companies are taken care for.

If you want to gather the trust of your customers and attract more employees towards your organization, then this particular certification is going to be suitable for you. 

4.   ISO 22000 Food safety Management

Food Safety management system is a system that is to be applied to any system of food chains, whether they are farm or whether they are fork.With ISO 22000, you can show off that your food safety system is in place and this in way attracts a lot of customers.ISO 22000 certification is especially important for you if you are a part of the Food business. This standard provides you with the processes, the management and the other secure measures to ensure that the food that you are providing is of the best quality.

5.   ISO 27001 Certification in India

If you want to grow as a business, you need to tell your clients that the information that you do store is protected at all times. Information security is not a matter to be taken lightly. There are businesses out there that either make or break it on the basis of how they handle their information security.

The ISO 27001 provides the standard needed to protect the information of the company.

6.   ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems

ISO 500001 is the standard that shows the right way to monitor, maintain, establish, and manage the energy management system of the company. Through this standard, you can improve the energy efficiency of your company and improve your economic return on investment.

The standard enables the following:

1. Establishment of the best systems to improve the energy performance.

2. Energy efficiency improvement

Improving the consumption and the usage of energy

 7.   ISO 13485 Certification

When it comes to medical devices, if there are two things that are not compromise-able here, they are:

1.The quality of the medical device.

2.The safety when you are using such devices.

Therefore, the regulatory standards that are set forth for such devices are especially stringent and these standards are needed to be followed through the entire life cycle of the medical device.

8.   ISO - 10002 - Customer Satisfaction

Are your customers happy with service that you provide? Are you able to handle their complaints to their satisfaction? These are the questions that need a positive response in the world where customer feedback has become a norm. That is why ISO 10002 is so important.

9.   ISO 2768-1 Certification

With ISO 2768-1, some of the measurement discrepancies will be tolerated for your mechanical equipment. The ISO 2768-1 was a prepared by the technical committee back in 1989 that listed how much discrepancy is tolerated when it comes to dimensional measures for mechanical equipments.

The purpose of this form of standard is to simplify the general tolerances for linear and angular dimensions.

10.            ISO 19011:2018

ISO 19011 is standard that sets for the rules and regulations associated with auditing the management system of the company. Through this standard, you will have access to better management through the following measures:

1. Understanding the objectives that your company wants to achieve

2. Make arrangements for auditing

3. Delegate roles and responsibilities within  a company

4. Defining the scope, the location and the duration of the audits.

5.Reviewing the internal record.

11. ISO 17025 Quality of Laboratories Test

Do own a laboratory? If you do, then in order to get ahead in business, you need to show off that the results of your labs are true and in accordance to the standards that have been set up by the ISO.

This certification is what defines ISO-17025. Here, the tests results of your labs are going to be compared with the international standard.

With this certification, you can prove to the businesses and the customers that your test results have the maximum amount of accuracy.

12. CE Marking & GMP Certification India

CE marking refers to the certification marking that is to be put on the certain products. This mark shows that your products are conforming to the health, safety and environmental protection standards to be sold in the European Economic Area.

However, this mark is also used on the products that are sold outside of the EEA. The purpose of this mark to show the following:

1. The product is safe to use

2. The product has no or minimal affect to your health.

3. The product has minimal effect to the environment.

While this certification is not mandatory outside the EEA, with the certification, you can definitely show off that your products are safe, and healthy to use.

GMP certification is an international standard that defines the requirements associated with the effective control over the food safety.

If you want to acquire the certification, you are at a place where you can get help from the best ISO consultant in India. Team of Filing Bazaar is here to provide you all the help that you need to get ISO Certification to highlight your business.


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