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Trademark Class 2 :Paints and Varnishes

Trade Mark  Class - 2

Category  Name :-  Paints & Varnishes

The  different classes  of  trade mark are mention below with the name of category and the products . 
The following includes Paints & Varnishes products that are used as paints , polishes , preservatives against rust , against degeneration of wood metals in foil and powder form for painters , decorators , printers and artists.

There are some products that are not given in class – 2
Unprocessed artificial resins (Class 1),
laundry blueing (Class 3), 
cosmetic dyes (Class 3), 
paint boxes (articles for use in school)(Class 16),
insulating paints and varnishes (Class 17).

List of goods that are given under Trademark Class 2
o alizarine dyes
o aluminium powder for painting
o aluminium paints
o aniline dyes
o annotto [dyestuff] / annatto [dyestuff]
o anti-corrosive bands
o anti-corrosive preparations
o anti-fouling paints
o anti-rust oils
o anti-rust greases
o anti-rust preparations for preservation
o anti-tarnishing preparations for metals
o asbestos paints
o auramine
o bactericidal paints
o badigeon
o binding preparations for paints / agglutinants for paints
o bitumen varnish
o black japan
o bronze powder for painting
o bronzing lacquers
o Canada balsam
o caramel [food colorant]
o carbon black [pigment]
o carbonyl [wood preservative]
o ceramic paints
o coatings [paints]
o coatings for roofing felt [paints] / coatings for tarred felt [paints]
o cobalt oxide [colorant]
o cochineal carmine
o colophony
o colorants* / dyestuffs
o colorants for liqueurs
o colorants for beer
o colorants for butter
o colorants for beverages
o copal
o copal varnish
o creosote for wood preservation
o distempers
o dyes*
o dyewood extracts / wood dyestuffs
o dyewood / coloring [colouring] wood / dye-wood
o enamels [varnishes]
o enamels for painting / enamel paints
o engraving ink
o fireproof paints
o fixatives for watercolors [watercolours] / fixatives for watercolors / fixatives for watercolours
o fixatives [varnishes]
o metal foil for painters, decorators, printers and artists
o food dyes / food colorants
o gamboge for painting
o glazes [paints, lacquers]
o gum resins
o gum-lac / shellac
o indigo [colorant]
o ink for skin-dressing
o ink for leather
o lacquers
o lamp black [pigment]
o lime wash
o malt caramel [food colorant]
o malt colorants
o marking ink for animals
o mastic [natural resin]
o metals in powder form for painters, decorators, printers and artists
o mordants*
o natural resins, raw
o oils for the preservation of wood / preservative oils for wood
o orange lead / litharge
o paint patches
o paints*
o paper for dyeing Easter eggs
o pigments
o primers
o printers’ pastes [ink] / printing compositions [ink]
o printing ink
o protective preparations for metals
o red lead / minium
o saffron [colorant]
o sandarac
o shoe dyes
o siccatives [drying agents] for paints
o sienna earth
o silver emulsions [pigments]
o silver paste
o silvering powders
o soot [colorant]
o stains for leather / mordants for leather
o sumac for varnishes
o thickeners for paints
o thinners for lacquers
o thinners for paints
o titanium dioxide [pigment]
o toner cartridges, filled, for printers and photocopiers
o toners [ink] for photocopiers / ink [toner] for photocopiers
o turmeric [colorant]
o turpentine [thinner for paints]
o undercoating for vehicle chassis / undersealing for vehicle chassis
o varnishes*
o white lead
o whitewash
o wood stains
o wood mordants
o wood preservatives
o wood coatings [paints]
o yellowwood [colorant]  
o zinc oxide [pigment]

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